The HIGHNORTH Top 10 represents the top cannabis strains for sale in Canada. The HIGHNORTH rating in the right column represents the average rating given to the strain in the pictures which was analyzed at our licensed HIGHNORTH facility in Vancouver, BC. The rating is 0-100, with 100 being the best in class for that strain.

The HIGHNORTH rating was developed for recreational purpose only and is not meant to be a medical document.

Rank Strain Name HIGHNORTH Score
01 Pink Kush Pink Kush TYPE: Hybrid 98-100%
02 GG#4 GG#4 TYPE: Hybrid 96-100%
03 Blue Dream Blue Dream TYPE: Sativa 93-100%
04 Bruce Banner Bruce Banner TYPE: Hybrid 94-99%
05 Bomb Threat Bomb Threat TYPE: Indica 97-100%
06 OG Kush OG Kush TYPE: Hybrid 97-100%
07 Nuken Nuken TYPE: Exotic 95-100%
08 Star Kush Star Kush TYPE: Hybrid 100%
09 El Jefe El Jefe TYPE: Hybrid 96-97%
10 Rockstar Rockstar TYPE: Hybrid 94-97%


The most important terpene in cannabis

Myrcene is the only terpene to have shown to increase the maximum saturation of the CB1 receptor which is the key receptor for cannabinoids

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The most energetic terpene in cannabis

When you see high pinene expect a high energy experience

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The AM terpene

An obvious orange citrus smell is the sign of Limonene

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