About High North, Inc.

Founded in 2016, High North is now Canada’s largest GMP accredited and ISO compliant analytical cannabis laboratory in Canada.

John Slaughter – CEO

John is the founder of HIGH NORTH and developer of the proprietary HIGH NORTH score. With over 10 years of CPG product marketing & sales experience in companies like Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, Effem and Maple Leaf Foods, John has a proven record of successfully deducing and leveraging consumer insights to inform marketing and sales strategies and launch products nationally.  John holds a MBA from Ivey and a Bachelor or Arts from UWO.

Jeremy Pindus – President

Jeremy is the co-founder and President of HIGH NORTH. With over 20 years of cannabis innovation. Jeremy has served as the master grower in multiple MMPR cannabis operations in Canada. In 2006, he invented and launched the Hydroplex Spinner – an award winning cannabis growing machine. Jeremy is also the head cultivation consultant and founder of Kilbank Cannabis Corporation, a company that has consulted on many acquisitions, some worth +$30MM.

Richard Moriarity – COO

Richard has over 10 years of experience in construction management and 15 years of total construction experience. He has worked as site superintendent and project manager for large, technical projects including the build of the Google Canada HQ, Rogers HQ Critical Power and Cooling Upgrade, RBC Moonstruct, First Light 11MW Solar Power Plant, Goreway Co-Generation 890MW Power Plant, Loblaw Tier 3 Data Centre, and Corus HQ. Richard is a master electrician, Gold Seal Certified with Canadian Construction Association, LEED AP Certified.

Bernie Mangiola – Client Care

Bernie has over 10 years lab management experience with GE Healthcare and ThermoFisher Scientific. His professional highlights include his work on modulation of Gene Expression, RNAi and Gene Editing Technologies (CRISPR/Cas9). Bernie is passionate about growing and, as a hobby, supplies high-end restaurants in the Hamilton region with organic sprouts grown in his own tissue culture sourced garden. He has a Master of Applied Genomics and Proteomics from Wayne State University and a bachelor of science from the University of Windsor in Molecular Cell Biology.